Congratulations on the 70th birthday of Willy and Rene van de Kerkhove: “Wonderful guests”

1/1 Congratulations to Willy and Rene van de Kerkhove who have turned 70

Willy and Rene van de Kerkhove celebrate their 70th birthday today. Congratulations to the most famous football twins in the Netherlands, among others, Ronald Koeman, Louis van Gaal, Sjak Swart and Frank Lammers.

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Ronald Koeman says in his congratulations that the twins still look good and fit at 70 years old. National coach Louis van Gaal calls the two brothers “Icons of Dutch football”.

“I think you two are great guys,” says Sack Swart. PSV manager Tony Gerbrands and football fan Frank Lammers wonder which of the twin brothers was born first. “I think they came out very exceptional at the same time,” the actor says. In the video above the text you can see more birthday congratulations to the brothers.

In short, what makes Renee and Willy so special:

Renee is undoubtedly the most daring and adventurous of the two brothers. His talent was first discovered as he was the fastest to reach the first team of FC Twente and also ahead of Willy in the Dutch national team. Renee has always been the most stubborn. It was no coincidence that his nickname was “The Blind Man” because he often overlooked one of his teammates in the scoring center in his speed and offensive drive.

  • He played a total of 407 matches (FC Twente, PSV Eindhoven, Apollon Athens, Sekou Hong Kong, Helmond Sport and FC PSV Eindhoven).
  • Record 112 times.
  • Gaf 99 pass.
  • Draw 11 yellow cards and one red card.
  • He became the Dutch champion three times with PSV and the Hong Kong champion once.
  • I went out 47 times with Orange.
  • Scored 5 times internationally.

Willie was the regulars between the two. He remained loyal to PSV for at least fifteen years and never regretted staying in Brabant. In all of those years, he’s grown to be the ultimate team player, hole-stopper and midfield console. “Vacuum Cleaner” was the nickname for Football Willie. So it was clear that after his career he first started working for a cleaning company.

Willy reached the top too at a young age and was persistent. His character model was that Willy voluntarily gave up his spot initially when he cemented his PSV with Frank Arnessens in 1985. But when the coach needed him, he was there. All the time.

  • He played a total of 561 matches (for FC Twente and PSV).
  • He scored 62 times.
  • Gaf 72 pass.
  • I got 25 yellow cards and one red.
  • He became the Dutch champion 6 times with PSV Eindhoven.
  • He went out 63 times with Orange.
  • Scored 8 times internationally.
Favorite team of Willy and Rene van de Kerkhove
Favorite team of Willy and Rene van de Kerkhove

On the Willie and Renee podcast, the twins announced their favorite team, made up of players they played with.

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