Congress counts election votes to ensure Biden wins GOP objections

Washington – The House and Senate are meeting Wednesday for a joint sitting of Congress Election votes Confirms the victory of President-elect Joe Biden from all 50 states and the District of Columbia Presidential election This could extend the measures beyond the challenges expected from Republicans.

The meeting, which is required under the constitution, is usually a ceremonial affair, marking the final stage of the election process before the president takes office on January 20. But this year’s session promises not to be routine. Coalition of Republicans from both chambers Will try Supporters of President Trump are out of Congress halls to reject election results in some states over election irregularities Landed In the country’s capital for their ultimate drive to hire him.

There is a plan by some GOP legislators to challenge the election vote Divided Senate Republicans, Is involved in counting more than a dozen results. Attempts to oust some voters will require a majority in both chambers, and it is sure to fail.

The joint sessions to calculate the results of the 2012 and 2016 elections each lasted less than an hour. But Wednesday’s event is expected to last until the evening as Republicans try to throw election votes out of some war-torn states.

Wednesday’s session follows a strong display of Democrats Senate Election Elections in Georgia, Rafael Warnock defeated GOP Senator Kelly Lofler, and the term of John Osof’s leading Republican opponent, David Berdu, expired on Sunday.

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