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Albanian parties come together

Advocates involved in dairy farming draw a clear line in negotiations for an agricultural agreement. Only when concrete agreements can be reached on the availability of land and the adjustment of the scope of use of animal manure will the two parties continue to talk about an agricultural agreement. “There is no basis for talking about long-term scenarios and visions without a solid and workable foundation,” says Henk Blecker, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NMV, in response.

The main representatives (LTO Dairy Farming, Dutch Dairy Farming Union, Nederlands Agrarische Jongeren Kontakt, Agractie, De Natuurweide and Netwerk Grondig) have prepared a document explaining what is needed to provide a perspective on the dairy farming sector in the Netherlands. They have presented this document to both Minister Adema and the main agenda of the Agricultural Agreement this evening. There is no final warning attached to this document. “Let’s talk about content first,” Bleecker says in the first response. If nothing comes out, we can always issue an alarm.”

Pain points not yet discussed

“We’ve had interesting discussions for weeks about the long-term vision and the different scenarios that could go along with it, but we haven’t discussed the main pain points yet,” Bleeker continues. “The financial consequences of deregulation are coming upon the sector at lightning speed. This will have disastrous consequences for many businesses. Sufficient farmland must be and remain available to satisfy desires for expansion and attachment to the land. We do not want landscaping in transitional areas, we want a voluntary commitment On the part of the farmer in nature, for good remuneration. In addition, we advocate a significant expansion of the possibilities of using animal manure.

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PAS and KDW detectors

In a press release, joint advocates again stress that an agricultural agreement will only be reached when a solution is found for the PAS anchors and the critical precipitation value (KDW) is removed from the law.

Dairy parties agree to basic farming requirements

In recent months, the serial parties involved in the discussions on/cooperation in the Agricultural Agreement have worked diligently to provide insight into the important components of the agricultural sector perspective. The joint advocates for dairy farming (LTO Dairy Farming, Dutch Dairy Farmers Union, Nederlands Agrarisch Jongeren Kontakt, Agractie Nederland, De Natuurweide and Netwerk Grondig) worked closely together during this process to protect the interests of dairy farmers. Many tasks come together on the dairy farm, which means that the sector has been hit hard by many policy proposals.

Soil and animal manure use central themes

Good progress has been made on the scale of the dairy and veal farming sector to find solutions. In the interests of the member dairy farmers, a number of agreements should be pivotal to serve as the basis for a possible conclusion of the Agricultural Agreement. These agreements should relate to, among other things, the availability of land for dairy farming, the preservation of agricultural destination, and ensuring that farmers participate and speak in regional processes. Moreover, the loss of the exclusion has severe consequences for the income situation of dairy farmers. It is therefore necessary to introduce a new system at the farm level to optimize the application of animal manure in which targeting is centralized. Dairy farms can only contribute to social goals in the areas of climate, nature and water quality if agreements can be made in the Agricultural Agreement on these interrelated components.

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More detail only after good agreements

The collaborating dairy farm organizations continue to join forces in order to reach an agricultural agreement that provides prospects for dairy farms. At the same time, they also draw a line. If it is not possible to reach good agreements on the said items, further expansion of the agrarian agreement is useless. Furthermore, the parties again stress that an agreement can only be reached if there is a solution for PAS detectors and if the critical precipitation value (KDV) is removed from the law.

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