Consortium agreement in Germany between SPD, Greens and FDP

NOS reporter Charlotte Weigers:

“The biggest sticking points in the negotiations included climate change and the financing of all government plans. So far, Germany has done very little to achieve the Paris climate goals, especially those that Groen promised voters they would only govern if there was a change there, but that requires major interventions. Expensive and sometimes painful, it also accompanies the disappearance and change of jobs in the industrialized nation of Germany.

Germany has also had significant problems with its digital infrastructure so far. For example, internet connections are slow in many places or sometimes not available at all. The three parties want to put a lot of money into this. The question is how all these expensive plans will be paid for. The government can borrow more money, but the FDP prefers to keep the budget. Therefore, the parties had to make concessions on several points.

Today it will also become clear which parties are allowed to lead which ministries. The names of the ministers will not be revealed until later. Given current topics, most attention is given to finance and the “grand ministry” of the economy, climate and energy transition. The foreign affairs function is also an interesting one, given Germany’s strong position within Europe and its relations with Russia and China, among others.”

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