Construction of a new pier has begun at Quarleshaven in Vlissingen

On Thursday May 5th, the first moss for the new 800-meter pier was laid at Quarleshaven in Vlissingen-Oost. With this €40 million investment, North Sea Port is able to improve access to the Sloe area.

The new pier at Bulk Terminal Zeeland in the Sloe District will replace the old pier that will be demolished. This allows Bulk Terminal Zeeland to expand its activities and the Reimerswaal shipyard will be longer as well.

Investment of 40 million euros
“With the new berth in the Sloe area, North Sea Port is investing at least €40 million in new port infrastructure,” said Dan Schalk, CEO of North Sea Port. Part of the pier will also be opened and made convenient for potential customers who want to settle in Quarleskade. Daan Schalck: “This way we are economical with the port infrastructure.”

Ready by the end of 2024
The group of hydraulic engineers Hakkers and De Klerk of Werkendam is responsible for the construction of the pier, which will be completed by the end of 2024. The pier on the south side of Quarleshaven is 1,200 meters long.

The trans-shipment company Bulk Terminal Zeeland is expanding its berth from 250 m to 440 m. This creates more space for dry charging such as wood pellets, gypsum, raw materials for steelmaking, organic agricultural products, and bulk rock to power offshore wind turbines.

The new berth also connects to the Reimerswaal shipyard, which will gain an additional 40m with the new berth. As a result, the ship maintenance and repair company will have a total of 425 meters of berth available.

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The new berth also ensures the allocation of an additional 10 hectares of land to the Zeeland complex. In addition, there is still enough space between the terminal and the Reimerswaal Shipyard for a new company to develop activities there.

A dock for my different chipsPeace
The new berth will be able to berth various types of offshore vessels such as project cargo ships, lift ships, bulk carriers, fruit ships, draft carriers with a draft of up to 12.5 meters as well as inland ships. The depth of the water can be increased after two metres. The berth will be reinforced and made suitable for carrying berths of up to 5 tons per square metre.

Hein van Laar, Commercial Director of Hakkers BV comments: “After previous successful implementations in Vlissingen by Hakkers and De Klerk, we are very proud to undertake this new project for the North Sea port. It shows our strength as structural hydraulic engineers, who together have the necessary controls in the home “.

source: North Sea port

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