Contrasting, armor and lots of royalty, this is Princess Alexia’s new school

Alexia, like other students, will have to volunteer for the Welsh community after school hours. It could be anything: helping a local rescue team, teaching underprivileged children at a local high school, or assisting in a care home.

Taro Nakshponde, a Dutch alumnus who graduated from school in 2015, said it was a challenge to nurture other pages in this way. “What’s central is that you’re giving back something SocialBecause where the school is, Landwid Major is not the richest part of England.

The princess is currently in the fourth grade of the Christian Gymnasium Sorkwillet in The Hague. It has not been revealed why Alexia is leaving the hack; That is a personal matter. At that time Willem-Alexander was sent to school because of ill health. So he wanted to go to a school abroad.

Naxponde says being without your parents at a young age was sometimes difficult. “The tricky thing is, if you’ve had a bad day, you can not complain to your parents in bed in the evening. The afternoon school does not stop, you are still together in the evening. But that’s where you learn, that’s right, you grow up there quickly.”

This is the school that Princess Alexia attends after summer:

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