Controversial facial recognition should destroy ‘British faces’

Along with Australia

The British Privacy Watch, Clearview AI, has now issued a formal order suspending these practices. The authority of the ICO is about Great Britain, so it collects and uses data from British citizens. It is currently blocked by the Regulatory Commission. Also, Clearview AI must remove data already collected from Brits and processed into its settings.

This enforcement action a Research in conjunction with ICO Its Australian counterpart. Countries like France and Italy already have similar bans On the edgeFormally, Clearview no longer offers its services to British companies, but because it has customers in other countries, ‘British citizen data’ is still used. “Considering the large number of UK Internet and social media users, Clearview AI’s database contains substantial amounts of data from UK citizens that were collected without their knowledge,” the ICO said.

Separation by data

It remains to be seen whether the facial recognition provider will be able to trace its data by origin and how it will be removed according to the order of the British Privacy Watch Commission. Earlier this month, Clearview AI’s controversial service was partially restricted to a settlement in the U.S. case. Commercial use of its technology is no longer permitted in the United States. However, there are many countries that are interested in facial recognition.

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