Controversial referee for the World Cup match between the Netherlands and Argentina “must stop” in Spain | sports

Antonio Mateu Lahoz (46), according to various Spanish media, has been told he can blow the whistle after this season. The referee, who has attracted attention this season with a number of impressive performances, will only come into force through the video assistant referee.

Lahoz was the dog bitten at the World Cup after his performance during the quarter-final match between the Netherlands and Argentina. The experienced Spaniard kept throwing cards and was criticized by both sides after that. According to Lionel Messi, Houz is not suitable for refereeing charged matches and Frenkie de Jong liked his performance. “really outrageous”.

He went wrong again on his Spanish debut. Barcelona – Ipagnol also got out of control under him. No fewer than fourteen yellow cards were handed out and the sports papers were tough as nails: “Cirque-Lahous performance was insane”.

Antonio Lahoz throws cards during FC Barcelona – Ipañol. © AP and AFP

In his second outing since the World Cup, Sevilla coach Jorge Sampaoli was sent into the stands after fifteen minutes during the cup meeting with Linares this week. Lahouz then kept his papers in his pocket and then received the necessary compliments. Despite this, he was skipped several weeks on dates.

Lahoz will now be left out because of his age, just like teammate Carlos del Cerro Grande (47). Although there is no minimum age for referees in Spain, head referee Luid Medina Cantalejo would like to see renewal in the ranks of referees. Spanish newspaper sign It is reported that Lahoz himself does not agree with the decision of the Spanish League. The referee from Valencia wouldn’t really want the VAR job.

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Lahoz has refereed the second highest number of World Cup matches by Spanish referees. The 46-year-old referee has officiated 5 matches in two editions of the World Cup (2018 and 2022). He was also present at the 2016 Olympic Games and managed the 2021 UEFA Champions League Final between Manchester City and Chelsea. Lahouz has been active in La Liga since 2008, managing 282 matches.

See here the unique pictures of the quarter-finals that Lahouz managed:

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