Converting two residential areas into an open space

Opwijk Municipal Council wants two of the remaining three residential expansion areas to be permanently redesigned into open space. It concerns the areas known as “Korruit” and “Rubensveld”.

  • Korruit is an inland area between Nieuwstraat and Kalkestraat.
  • Hotel Rubensveld is located next to Rubensveld and connected to Leirekensroute.

Residential expansion areas were identified in the regional scheme in 1977 with the aim of meeting future housing needs. Only social housing companies or group housing projects can obtain a permit within the destination housing expansion area without demonstrating the need for housing.

The third residential expansion area is known as “Meerweg” and is an inland area along the Meerweg and Kapellebaan. This residential expansion area is connected to Opwijk station. Due to the convenient location of this residential expansion area, we did not choose here for open space reuse. We want to preserve this area as a strategic reserve to be able to meet our housing needs in the long term.

Rubensveld as a signal area

“Due to the changing vision of opening open spaces and the many possibilities still available within residential areas, we no longer see fit to develop this open space again. In this way we take care of our construction shift within our municipality,” says Inez de Koninck. “In recent years, we have had requests for group housing for the Robbinsfield area. We have repeatedly denied these requests, but now we want to give a clear indication that we do not consider this area suitable to build on. After all, part of the area has been designated as a flood-prone area and has therefore been Also designated as a signal area by the Flemish government.
Signal areas are areas that have not yet been built, but that have a difficult destination (residential expansion) and that have a water problem. Furthermore, the area is not next to the core or the facilities and is an open space located between the Bunderstraat and Leen ten Eken buildings. Baumeister’s survey also suggested keeping this area open.”

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The first proposal and the moment of consultation

A study office has been set up to reuse the two residential expansion areas to open up space. The first meetings are over, the council will soon present the first proposal to the residents and there will be a moment of consultation.

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