Cook again strongest in 500 meters, personal record. De Jong | sport

Fimke Kok also won the second 500m at the World Cup in Heerenveen. The Dutch champion won the distance with a time of 37.27 seconds. A 20-year-old Frisian could not pull herself against an opponent. Her Austrian opponent Vanessa Herzog fell at first.

Cook won on Saturday with a time of 37.08. With this, she achieved her first World Cup victory in her career.

Russian Angelina Golikova took the silver again with a time of 37.30. Her compatriot Olga Vatkolina ranked third (37.40).

Michel de Jong set another personal record with 37.76, good for fifth place. Marit Felderos (11th in 38.19), Isabelle Van Elst (15th in 38.56) and Dion Foscamp (25 in 41.94 after the fall) played supporting roles.

“I’m so happy I won again, but it definitely wasn’t a flawless ride for me,” Cook admitted to NOS. It was also caused by the Herzog crash. I was shocked by it. Thankfully I managed to stay calm enough. As on a Saturday, my start was never better again. We are currently training hard for that. I hope to make progress in this area soon. “

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