Coolblue Should Cancel PlayStation 5 Orders After ‘Human Error’

Ai, This morning, Coolblue’s online PS5 order page was accidentally brought up, after which way too many more orders were placed out of stock. But there is also good news: Next week those who paid will still have access to their console.


Response from Coolblue: Due to human error, PlayStation 5 was too early as available on our website. A number of customers have been able to order the PlayStation 5 bundle and these customers will receive their orders next weekend. “

Original message:

Coolblue had to cancel a slew of PlayStation 5 orders today due to a bug. This was reported by game journalist and editor Ron Vorstermans (via ad).

This morning, a console order page suddenly popped up online, causing a very large number of requests to be placed. Informed sources reported that, after “human error,” around 1,200 orders were canceled.

However, not all requests were canceled. Customers who paid this morning when ordering a console should pick it up next week “when new batch is in.” Coolblue revokes those who haven’t paid.

The reason for the solution above is that the page should not be online until next week, so a portion of it can still be delivered soon.

Since the launch of the PlayStation 5, Sony has struggled with console connection issues. Due to the shortage of semiconductors worldwide and the high demand for them, copies are only provided to stores in small numbers.

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