Cooling space and shelf for fresh produce Waterfall for bulk products

Waterfall fruit and vegetable rack for traditional vegetables, more space to make a great presentation and a new name with an emphasis on delicious. The fruit and vegetable store “Delicious” Groente, Fruit en Meer in Breukelen has been completely renovated. Mother Anginita van Ostrom and daughter Joanna van Suest have been the owners and driving forces of this specialty store since March 1, 2021.

Anginita van Ostrom and her daughter Joanna van Sost

Fresh ready-made meals, desserts, soups, salads, juices, etc. are produced every day at Delicos. This required sufficient width for cooling, as two multifunctional “Carthage” wall coolers, both in the Presto version, with display shelves were selected.

Traditional vegetables are vividly presented in the “Waterval” fruit and vegetable rack with built-in LED lighting. Notes are presented in angular order.

The central island is created under the high ceiling and features a decorative shelf with a strong “industrial” look. This creates additional display space and the potential for advertising trends to appear.

The undercarriage is equipped with a built-in bottle display illuminated by LED lighting.

Baro’s LED spots are here for good atmospheric illumination of fresh produce.

Much attention has also been paid to advertising, both at home and abroad.

The entire treatment area has also been adapted. As a result, more space was created and a steamer was placed. Entrepreneurs put their trust in Toonen Winkelinterieurs for renewal. Within three weeks, the shop had been completely renovated, starting with the complete dismantling of the existing interior and the removal of existing tiles and cement. After the new cement screed was installed, the tiled floor was laid and the new layout of the shop was implemented.

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