Cornell has room for volunteers again

Kept running by volunteers

Corneel has been operated largely by volunteers for years. For example, there are volunteers behind the bar and the lighting table, behind the scenes, in the restroom and ticket counter. Also photos and videos are made by volunteers.

Starting in September, Corneel will once again have space for new volunteers in various positions. Volunteers work in a diverse and enthusiastic team and get a unique behind-the-scenes look at the pop scene. Besides being a unique opportunity to gain experience, develop talent and pilot your resume, volunteers can join fun team evenings, training sessions and outings, including the annual Lowlands volunteer work.

Monthly volunteer meetings

Cornell requires volunteers to be present at least two/2 nights per month and to be present during monthly volunteer meetings. Any hardworking person who is at least eighteen years old can report. Corneel is looking for bar volunteers, lighting, serving, filming/live broadcasting, and behind-the-scenes volunteers.

On the website Van Cornell has more information.

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