Coronablog: Accelerated re-injection advice, “Omigron may turn out to be a blessing in a few months”

Accelerating the booster vaccine to advance the Omigran variant is being discussed or decided in many countries. Omigran was first diagnosed in South Africa about three weeks ago and soon became a highly contagious variant. “Omigron is so powerful that it wiped the delta off the map in two weeks,” said Hugo Tempelman, a Dutch doctor working in South Africa who has been closely associated with his laboratory in finding Omigron and is now researching it. .

“We know Omigron is highly contagious. Between November 12 and 23 there were 260 infections a day, now between 16,000 and 17,000. In addition, we see positive things. There are fewer deaths. The delta variation during peak, with 16 to 17,000 infections a day, a There were 200 to 300 deaths a day, now 10 to 11. The medical picture is very light, whether it’s the cause of the infection or not. It’s clear that 60 percent of South Africans have already been vaccinated for the first time.

“But we see protection against serious illness. People with respiratory illnesses, less chronic COVID, less odor and loss of taste, less odor and less loss of taste, less pneumonia. We see now. People with sore throats, joint pains, abdominal pain. . “

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