COTA president sees Formula 1 growing in popularity in the US

Formula 1 has become increasingly popular in recent years. In fact, the popularity of the first category of motorsports has grown so much that it has even set foot in the United States. The big country was an almost inaccessible place for years, but now everything is different.

The growing popularity is partly due to the Drive to Survive series on Netflix. The sport itself is so popular in the United States that there are three major American races on the calendar next season. Miami and Las Vegas will join the race at the now-established Circuit of the Americas. The Miami Grand Prix was number one on the calendar this year and Las Vegas will return next year.

In COTA, it is seen that the demand for tickets is very high. Even COTA Chairman Bobby Epstein mentioned that a new runway is being built. He spoke to about the growing interest in the US: “If everything isn’t sold out right now, it’s almost going to be sold out. It was already within a couple of days of starting sales in the spring. It really is amazing. Demand in the US is weird now.” It easily fills three races and maybe more.”

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