Counseling residents in rural areas of North Holland

(April 21, 2023)

From April 21st to May 26th, all residents of North Holland can contribute ideas about the future of rural areas.

In an online resident advisory, the county asks their opinion on what they consider important and how they see the future of the rural region in North Holland.

The results of the consultation will be used to develop the Provincial Program for Rural Areas (PPLG), the district plan that the province will present to the national government on July 1. Consultation can be completed at consult

Esther Rommel, Deputy for Nature and Nitrogen: “We think it’s important to get residents involved in what the province is doing. With this consultation, people from North Holland can take the driver’s seat and indicate what the rural area should look like in the future. They also make a point What they are going to spend money and resources on. Knowing our residents then helps us make better policy.”

Hand out the points

The selection status is presented to the counseling participants in a simple way. They also see the consequences of choices and can provide proven advice. In the case of the first choice, the county is asked what efforts it should make in the rural area. There are 10 options, such as quality of nature, leisure and emission of harmful substances. Participants can use sliders to indicate how much effort they think the boycott should put in. The meter immediately shows the effect of this. If the counter goes red, there is no more voltage.

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The second selection task is what the future of rural areas should look like. Participants can divide 50 points on different characteristics of the rural area and indicate what they consider important. Among other things, there is a demand for space to grow bulbs, space for water and recreational opportunities.


The participatory value evaluation (PWE) method is used for consultation. This is developed by the people, a startup at TU Delft. The method explores how large groups of the population – public and private – weigh public values ​​and how they believe values ​​should be translated into policy. The method can also be used to see how the population balances (the effects of) policy choices in tandem.

50 residents participated in the counseling trial on Wednesday, April 19. This showed that they understand the questions well and value this method of counseling. Some reactions to the consultation: “Let you reflect on what I think,” “Ample opportunity to share my insights,” and “Get a better view of the issues and choices the county needs to make for a better living environment.”

Delivery on July 1, 2023

The content of the advice is designed in collaboration with, among others, municipalities, water boards, agricultural, nature and leisure organisations, and entrepreneurs from North Holland.

In addition to the open consultation in which every citizen of the North Holland can participate, the consultation is also conducted by a committee. This ensures that the results are representative of the population of North Holland.

After the consultation, the results will be presented to the new North Holland Regional Council. They will discuss the results and the preliminary version of the PPLG on June 1. On June 12, the full states will discuss this matter at the regional assembly to come up with guidance advice. The recommendations will be incorporated into the initial version of the PPLG, which the province will present to the national government on 1 July 2023. The results of the consultation will also be used in the further development of the PPLG in Northern Holland. In addition, the county will continue to participate in the district’s operations.

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More information: Rural Prefecture Program

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