County allocates millions to housing youth, juniors and students in Harlem | Harlem Weekly

Harl N The province of North Holland allocates 1 million euros for housing around the former prison De Koepel. With the grant, the city ​​of harlem Accelerate the construction of 250 student housing units and 100 housing units for youth.

The county and municipality want to turn the site in Harlem into a private and affordable place to live for young people, beginners and students. There will also be homes for people who (again) start living independently of welfare. The surrounding public space will be sustainable and green. This makes this huge location an attractive place to stay in the city and the locals.

Ces Lugin, Regional Executive Director of Nord Holland: “This is accelerating housing for young people and transforming the surrounding space into a beautiful place. Young people are particularly affected by the current housing shortage. This is why it is good that there are more opportunities for them and that they can live Here at a reasonable cost.”

Fleur Rodöner, Municipal Spatial Development Council Member of Haarlem Municipality: “It is very nice to have financial support for housing around Koepel. In a small city like Haarlem, it is about looking for space to add more homes. That space was found for young people on Koepelterrein “.

Marieki Heilbrunn, Principal of Elan Wonen: “There are still a lot of people waiting to rent an affordable home. For young beginners, long waiting lists mean they often have to live in the house. The majority of the one-room homes we will be building in De Koepel for beginners from Haarlem and the surrounding area, who will be renting their home on a youth contract. We are eager to build for them. That’s why I’m so happy with the support.”

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On the edge of the former prison goes De Koepel Ilan Living To achieve one hundred social rent homes. These will be compact houses with an area of ​​u200bu200babout 21 square meters. Student accommodation provider DUWO provides 250 student housing. The Dome Prison (National Monument) will house an educational institution, restaurants, a cinema, and centers for SMEs in the field of innovation and sustainability.

All homes are expected to be completed in 2024.

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