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As the first president ever, Donald Trump must respond for a second time in a political trial in the Senate. It starts next Tuesday. With this intense training course, you can catch up in a few minutes.

Why is it important: Trump is accused of inciting the revolt and indicted by the House of Representatives in early January. The indictment focuses on his role in the storming of the Washington Capitol by his supporters (Parliament House) on January 6.

The process and everything that revolves around it offers insight into political relationships. How will Democrats and Republicans interact in the coming years? What are Republicans doing with Trump’s legacy, nationally and within their party?

It’s not actually about the concrete results, because the chance of a conviction is very small. Moreover, Trump is already president. Such a highly symbolic lawsuit is unlikely to encourage many voters to turn to the party, if scandals of the recent past serve as evidence.

background: Two-thirds (67) of the 100 jury members are required for conviction. The Democrats have the smallest possible majority of 50 seats (Vice President Harris has a weighted vote, but only if there is a tie). This means that 17 Republicans will have to vote impeachment.

  • Republicans have already tried to repeal it on the grounds that it is unconstitutional. The proposal was rejected in the Senate, by 55-45 votes. Only five Republicans joined the Democrats. From this it can be concluded that there is little chance of a Trump conviction.
  • You cannot impeach someone who is no longer president, as most Republicans would say. Many of them cannot alienate Trump’s supporters. The former president remains popular with Republican voters.
  • Democrats call it a matter of principle: Congress must not allow an attack on the democratic constitutional state to pass. Extra taste: If Trump is found guilty, he may be barred from holding political office again. Then he could not become a presidential candidate again. But this chance, it has been said, is slim.
  • The nine impeachment directors (the Democratic lawmakers who act as attorneys general) called on Trump to testify under oath. Immediately he refused it. It was not clear if the Democrats wanted to hear other witnesses.
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The Big Picture: Within the Republican Party, an internal battle rages over Trump’s legacy and the future impact of “ Trumpism. ”

  • Some Republicans from the old party elite who had previously blindly supported Trump, such as Senator Mitch McConnell, blame the former president for losing the White House and majorities in both houses of Congress during his single term. They believe Trumpism calls for narrowing the constituency of the electorate, and this provides little chance for electoral success. But this same group constitutes an overwhelming majority of the current party members.
  • Other politicians, such as Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, see themselves as ideological successors to Trump. They will gladly capture his loyal supporters from him. However, it is doubtful whether the former president would voluntarily relinquish his influence.

If you forget everything else, remember: Unless crazy things happen, Trump will be released again in shock. In this regard, what will happen in the corridors soon is more interesting than the political trial itself.

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