Crashes Stroll and Vettel delay Aston Martin updates

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For Aston Martin, the start of 2022 has not been great at all. The UK team is not involved, furthermore Lance Stroll and to a slightly lesser extent Sebastian Vettel have taken damages in recent weekends. This damage has consequences for the rest of the season.

As is known, all teams have to work with a budget ceiling. For this reason, certain choices must be made about what to develop and what not to develop for the car, but accidents also play a role in this. Parts production is also included in the budget, but after three races, Aston Martin is already high in the tree with respect to this element.

Aston Martin dilemma

“I’m sure everyone counted the number of front wings and suspension parts that were damaged during our race.”says Team Leader Mike Crack in a conversation with him Cars, Sports and Sports† “It’s easy to calculate how much Imola we need. The question now is how much capacity we use to develop the car and how much we use to produce parts. We’ve had these discussions internally since Saturday.”

According to the German outlet, the last available suspension parts were on the left front of the cars on Sunday. Spare parts are essential in Formula 1, otherwise the team won’t be able to compete for the rest of the Grand Prix weekend. At the same time, updates are also urgently needed, because with the current car it has become almost impossible to drive on points.

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