Crazy Departed organizer of the World Championship for Riders: “But the World Championship is not in doubt” | Cycling World Championships

Cyclists will cross over to the United States next year to get a rainbow shirt. But the World Cup in the United States is now without a regulator. At the UCI, they regret the change of course, but are not alarmed.

The name Brook Watts (maybe) doesn’t instantly ring a bell with every sports fan, but loyal viewers of DNA Nys occasionally watched The American appear in the TV series.

Watts is a crazy American cyclist who has a good relationship with Sven Ness. He organizes cross operations in the United States and comes from time to time to visit our country.

Watts was also the strong man behind the organization of the World Cup in Fayetteville (October 13, 2021), which will also be the World Cup rehearsal at the end of January 2022 at the same location.

But cross-fan WhatsApp announced on Instagram that he was withdrawing from the organization. There has been an uproar over sensitive political and social issues for a while.

“Everything will run smoothly.”

Brooke Watts is, of course, no stranger to the UCI. In collaboration with UCI, Brook brought the UCI World Cup to Las Vegas and the American is also a member of the UCI CX Committee.

“We received the call from Brook Watts’ first and expect an official letter from Expierence Fayetteville about this. To be clear: This World Cup contract was between Experience Fayetteville and UCI, not with Brook himself.”

Is the UCI now at a loss after World Cup promoters withdraw? Not necessarily, along with Expierence Fayetteville and US National Cycling Federation USA, USA cycling support everything will go smoothly.

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