Create something you can be proud of

Many stories begin with a phone call from the parent involved. Marco Mouth says it all started in 2006, when he first took a young man under his wing. Mathijs Wissink’s mother then called a 17 – year – old boy who was not feeling well. Madij was sluggish. Can Malt mean anything to him?

During that time, Mouth spent his days in the powder tower at Judefen in the 13th century, where he set up a carpentry workshop. He made large wooden statues there. Yes, he really wanted to meet Matiz. He was allowed to report the next morning.

‘I was very introverted at the time,’ says Mathiez. ‘Sitting in front of a PC or TV is desirable. And I’m not happy about that. I had dreams, but I had no hope I could make them come true.

Mouth showed him around the powder tower, he showed Madiz the wooden wolf head he was working on at the time, and soon they talked about what the boy wanted to do: a daiko, such a big Japanese drum.

While this is not an easy task, Mouth said go ahead. You will need to hold the trunk of a tree, drill a hole in it and stretch a bark over it. But because Mathieu seemed serious, he had to give it a try.

After learning how to sharpen knives, chisels and poles for the first few months – and also making a small drum – Madijs bought a peach tree that weighed a thousand kilos. He took the wood to the powder tower and began to pierce the trunk with a large chisel, the trick being to keep the wood from exploding.

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Mouth joined him in thinking, encouraging him and challenging him to come up with solutions to the problems he encountered during the project. He gave me a lot of confidence, says Madij. ‘This is common to Marco. Kids grow up with that. Then they will be able to do more than you think. ‘

After six months of hard work, Diego is ready. When they hit it on the powder tower, dust flew from the beams. ‘This is the first time in my life’, ‘I have done something I can be proud of’ says Mathiez now.

He then showed Diego to a Japanese drum troupe that had toured the Netherlands. They were impressed. As a member of the Matiz Rhythm Group, he has performed with Diego several times.

‘According to my mother, Marco moved me back,’ says Mathiez, now 33, who works as an elementary school teacher and carpenter. ‘If you do cool deeds, you will get pleasure back in life.’

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