Creating more space to care for sick children in emergency care

Separate places for children are being set up in the Emergency Department (ED) of Paramaribo Academic Hospital (AZP). “The crowd is so large that the current children’s room does not provide enough space to accommodate symptomatic children,” Health Minister Ammar Ramadan said. The Ministry is consulting with general practitioners to provide greater access to care recipients. The opening hours of some RGD outpatient clinics will also be extended.

After conducting an investigation, the Ministry of Health received a report that rotavirus was the causative agent of the outbreak of viral gastroenteritis in Suriname. Rotavirus infection is an infectious disease in which inflammation of the stomach and intestines occurs. Minister Ramadan said there has been an increase in reports of children with symptoms caused by the virus in the past 24 hours.

“Rotavirus is a known pathogen. Practitioners will also adjust medical supervision and treatment for these children accordingly.” He stressed that it is important for the epidemiological analysis to take into account the spread of the virus.

Minister Ramadan says that in addition to children, the elderly also need to be considered. “They are also a very risky group, because of the low resistance.” The minister indicates that the information received from the Ministry of Health will be directed to the rotavirus.

The virus is present in the stool of an infected person. Hand washing is the most beneficial preventative measure. Practicing adequate hygiene is very important in preventing children from being exposed to other children with gastroenteritis.

Hand hygiene is performed with soap and water or ethanol-based hand alcohol. The minister points out the importance of breaking out of the pollution chain. “Prevention is only possible with good health measures.”

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