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Not all of us live in a villa. Especially when you live in the city, you know that every square meter is vital. With these four tips, you can get creative with eliminating wasted space and making the most of your home.

A drawer full of flair

A ladder is absolutely essential for moving around your home. Fourthly Space optimization It is unfortunately a strong problem. Immediately breaking everything will greatly increase your surface area, but fortunately there are less risky options as well. A closet to store toys, Christmas items, coats, or shoes is always a possibility, but let’s face it: There are much more attractive ideas than that. How about a wine cellar, for example? It exudes sophistication and comfort and you can be sure that you won’t fall down a flight of stairs when choosing the right bottle.


From the hearth to the cozy nest

An original fireplace instantly sets the tone in a room. Crackling Fire is as entertaining as the documentary Netflix. But what if the stove is no longer in use? Depending on the finish, the presence of a fireplace can still look ornate, despite losing a lot of space. Unlike a staircase, moving out would be a possibility here, but it would still be a shame to completely lose this authentic element. For pets, a former hearth can be an ideal nesting place. With the addition of a few pillows, blankets, and toys, the former fireplace exudes just as much warmth and comfort as ever.

areaBook section

How many doors do you have in your house? An unexpected test question that you don’t know the answer to right away. the answer? too much. A whole corridor is full of doors, it can be more comfortable and better. Choose the ugliest and least used door. With the addition of a few shelves, a neglected door is transformed into an intellectual-looking bookcase in no time. A once-dirty entryway with a series of doors brightens up with this, and suddenly you have an organized place for your favorite books. Don’t have an unused door? Then think of the space behind it. Using narrow boards and thick elastic bands, you can also make a shelf for books or magazines (for children).

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rankingGarage and no mess

In most cases, the garage is relatively tidy for the first few months. The car stands nicely in the middle and to the side is a cupboard with some hand tools. Shortly thereafter, trash cans, a drum kit, three bikes, paint pots, a bouncy castle, a barbecue, and a whole pile of old crap were added. and the car? Standing in front of the pitiful door in the rain. Wasn’t this a garage? Indeed! However, there is certainly still enough space to partially set up the garage as storage space. With the help of a few metal beams, place them far enough apart that several plastic boxes can be stuck between them. This way you can swing the clutter on the roof and your car can be back where it needs to be.

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