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creed 3 *** IN IMAX ***

Directed by: Michael B

With Michael B.

Playing time: 116′

Check it out if you like Creed 2 & Bruised.

Story: After dominating the boxing world, Adonis thrived in both his professional and family life. When a childhood friend and former boxing prodigy resurfaces, the confrontation between the former friends is more than just a fight.

Our verdict: The eighth film is now finished in the Rocky universe with Sylvester Stallone taking on Creed 2. The torch has been fully handed to Michael B. As a big new name, we got man of the moment Jonathan Majors with Tessa Thompson returning as the other half of Michael B. Jordan’s character Adonis.

Creed 3 ditches the ’70s and ’80s Rocky inspirations and goes completely from start to finish with LA shots (Atlanta is actually adapted to the look and feel of LA but come on) and modern rap in 2020. The focus is clearly on appeasing Latino and black minority groups In the US, where Creed 3 gives real-life fighters like Teófimo López & Tony Bellew a chance to excel on screen. There’s a bit of continuity with Creed 2 by once again stirring up the emotional dimension with Tessa Thompson and newcomer Mila Davis-Kent. This is also strongly supported by Jonathan Majors, but Michael B. Jordan has, as always, a little cheesiness and falls with Creed 3 a bit through the basket, we must admit.

In terms of pacing, Halle Berry’s work for Netflix, Creed 3, is reminiscent of the boxing movie Bruised. The more vulnerable female dimension is better developed by La Berry, because Jordan is still somewhat on the surface, though he manages to touch us somewhat at the beginning and middle of the film. In the epilogue, he completely misses the ball in terms of emotional development and that may have something to do with his very long playing time in our opinion. Finally, the action shots are so creatively found that Creed 3 brings some fresh air to the genre. Anyway, overall it didn’t make our hearts beat faster.

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In short, with creed 3 Shows Michael B. Jordan that anyone could direct a boxing movie. Nice visuals from MGM, but a soulless story. With heels over the trench without more.

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