Cricket star Leidschendam Babette de Leede sets world record

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Leidschendam – For two weeks, Dutch cricketers Sterre Kalis and Babette de Leede were given a unique opportunity to measure themselves against the best in Dubai during the FairBreak Invitational. Steer and her Tornado team won the Falcons final. Babbitt of Leidschendam put herself in the spotlight by setting a world record: five wrecks in one match.

The matches were played as part of the SDG FairBreak Invitational, a tournament that featured women from 35 countries, including world champions from England and Australia who reached the finals. The matches were held at the Dubai International Stadium.

Babette de Lied and her team from South Coast Sapphire didn’t make it to the final round, but they did write history. In cricket, a batsman may leave a bat (a “pen” marked with chalk lines) to play the ball, but there is a risk. If the ball is missed, the wicket catcher (similar to the catcher in baseball) can break the wicket. Then the mixture is “puzzled”. On average, this happens approximately once per round. However, Babette de Lied had a very good day behind the wicket. She managed to hit the opposing team five times. After that she was told it was a world record. “Really? Awesome!”

Since Babbitt had already scored 45 points earlier in the game, it was also called a match game.

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