Criminals steal phones via fake text messages

KPN warns of a new fraud method. This happens with FluBot malware. Cyber ​​criminals try to recover data via text messages and this way they deceive people. This mainly concerns the text messages that appear to be coming from the parcel contractors.

Android phones are particularly vulnerable to this type of malware. Many phones are now infected by FluBot in different countries, such as Spain and England. Victims receive a text message that appears to be sent by the parcel deliverer, the courier, or the store. The message sounds real. The sender states that the recipient can click a link to see the “track and trace” icon of the order, or report a package delay and that the status can be viewed via the link. The text message contains a link to a so-called “tracking code” or to the website of the parcel delivery company. Do not click on this link!

Mimic applications
Clicking on the link will install malware on your phone. For example, by installing a fake parcel delivery app that looks real. This allows cyber criminals to find out what apps are on the phone and imitate them. Cyber ​​criminals also steal all kinds of personal information, such as passwords or bank details, via the app. It can also happen that FluBot infects other people via your contact list. So FluBot can be a lot of trouble. So, don’t click on the link in these text messages and be extra alert for FluBot malware, as per KPN’s advice.

Although FluBot appears to be primarily focused on Android, iOS users can also receive these SMS messages. Malware is not installed on iOS devices. But whoever clicks on the link will end up on a phishing website. Here is an attempt to steal Apple ID credentials. This is why the advice isn’t just about clicking on links.
Those who did can remove the malware just by resetting the phone to factory settings.
KPN recommends installing official apps from mail ordering and delivery companies, which can be obtained on Google Play. Then it is safer to check where the required package is located.

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