Criticism of joint building of fire and field service on board: ‘It’s not a deal’

The current fire stations in Wemeldinge and Kapelle date from 1904 and 1935. They are very outdated, which is why the city council decided last year to replace the buildings. But the buildings of the municipal workshop on Dijkwelseweg, where the fieldwork takes place, must also be demolished. “It’s not profitable to make existing buildings more sustainable,” Mayor Fons Naderop and Alderman John Herzlman told the city council. That’s why he asked the municipal executive, the conservation area and the Zeeland Fire Service to investigate combining a fire station with new housing for field work.

According to local ministers, this appears to be possible, and the defense sector even sees opportunities in combining services. The municipal executive wants to involve employees and fire department volunteers in new construction projects: “We consider their opinion very important in the continuation of the research.” According to Naterop and Herselman, the conservation area will make more contracts with volunteers. Whether the integrated new building will actually go ahead will be clear only after the completion of the current study phase. Herzelman expects a decision on that in October.

At last week’s council meeting, Municipal Interest already asked critical questions about the proposed plans, which have been rumored for some time. According to Van Leeuwen, the intention is to replace two fire stations at the current location. However, Herzlman insists that procedures are carefully followed, in line with what the Council decided in November 2021. Van Leeuwen did not promise. After the summer vacation, the city council should hold a debate on municipal housing.

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