Criticizes Alfa Romeo Start Zoe: “There is nothing wrong with the car”

Although Guanyu Xu had excellent results in his first two races for the Alfa Romeo, his start was poor. The Swiss knew the problem was not with the car, but with Chow.

In the opening race in Bahrain, Zhou finished tenth directly in points, but finished eleventh in Saudi Arabia, finishing eleventh. The results could have been better as the 22-year-old Chinese player had a poor start in both races. As a result, Joe lost a lot of ground. The reason for discussing this with the Alfa Romeo driver was: “There is nothing wrong with the car,” said Xevi Pujolar, the Swiss team’s head of engineering.“This is something we have to go with Cho.”


Alfa Romeo believes the problems encountered when starting with Zhou for the Australian Grand Prix have been resolved because the Chinese driver is making himself more difficult than necessary. However, the cause has been found by the team, so a solution is immediately apparent: “I think he has a sense that RPM is good, but it really is not because it’s so low,” Fujoller said.

Solid start

The 49-year-old Spaniard continues: “It remains to be seen what we can do to alleviate that problem in the future because it was already the second time,” Fujol said, referring to the first two races in which Chow made a mistake. Also, Alfa Romeo had a solid start to the season. The team has a total of nine points, mainly due to the play of Voltaire Potas.

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