Cronwood surprises with world title mass launch, Friday for Strodinga

Crownout was busy pulling the sprint for Scoutton, but due to a miscommunication between Schoutton and his coach Gillert Anima, Schoutton was far from getting his team’s player. “This is a little wrong,” Cronwood admits.

The question is when the Dutch women will start the final speed at a distance of 500 or 700 meters to the finish. “The coach said something different, I said something different, Marijke thought something different,” said Shouton, who eventually accepted the decision. “Marijke has earned it all, so it’s part of a team. I’ve been saying this for years.”

In the previous two NKs, Cronwood won silver behind Scooter, who is a wholesaler, but now he can get out of the shadow of his most favorite. He has won two World Cups this season, always ahead of Blondin. Cronwood captured the bronze in the first weekend.

Berksma closes the gap

In men, Peter Michael of New Zealand split early in the race. So current champion Jorid Berksma had to be chased. Berksma, who had to leave for a long time at the start of the mass, closed the gap for his teammate Arjan Stroita and missed the chance to extend the title.

In sprint Mantia was then too big for Strodinga. Belgian Bart Swings advanced to bronze.

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