Crossroads Boermarkeweg Emmen will be repaired next spring

The municipality still has plans to double the Boermarkeweg. The road is an important access road to the center. Siber Hospital and Isdal Campus are located along this road. In recent years, it regularly happens that almost all traffic is disrupted. Because it is still more congested, the municipality wanted to double the Boermarkeweg into a four-lane road.

Due to budget cuts, this plan was put on hold and the municipality opted for a simpler approach.

Turn right

Especially since the intersection with Van Schaikweg will be changed. “At Boermarkeweg, we make additional parking spaces for traffic that wants to turn right in the direction of Wilhelminastraat,” explains spokeswoman Jenin de Vries. “This makes it easier to control the flow of traffic at this intersection.”

Furthermore, all traffic lights on the Boermarkeweg will be linked together. “This allows us to create a green wave.”

Angelsloërdijk . exit

You won’t soon be able to enter Angelsloërdijk by car. Only the crossing point for cyclists will remain in place for the time being. On the other hand, Angelsloërdijk will be connected to Statenweg, creating a completely new intersection in this location.

Since work is already underway in that area, the municipality is also installing sewage between Angelsloërdijk and the hospital.

limited space

Lambertus Negoving of the county council says a number of Oud Emin residents are concerned. “Because of the limited space, the additional exits are located near the residents’ plots,” he says. In addition, the neighborhood fears the inconvenience of speeding drivers.

According to Nijhofing, a number of suggestions have been discussed with the municipality. “Like smart traffic lights that cut the green wave as soon as someone does not comply with the speed. The possibility of speed cameras has also been discussed.”

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The area will also stick tightly if you keep doubling the way. Nijhofing: “It’s just a matter of narrowness. In this case, I think it is necessary to buy some residents for their land. Otherwise the residents would be too close to a four-lane road. There is simply a lack of space.”

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