Crowd congestion for twin bikes in New and Sindh Joosland

Dio bike is available for Pinnacle Haven, Sorkstron and villagers.

Pinnacle Haven employees have a dream: a two-wheeler for residents of Pinnacle Haven and residents of New and Sindh Joosland. So the lateral tandem can actually be used together and max. So there is room for movement, meetings and connections. There are many benefits to a side bike. It’s so easy, cycling. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case for everyone. A Duo bike offers the opportunity to recycle. Because the staff all like it, they start a meeting.

June 2021 should feel like a lateral alignment. At least … if the organization raises enough money. Already a large sum has been collected, will you help Pinnhenhoven as well? The side bike still requires Euro 2250. That’s why the organization asks for your help for the last part.

Volunteers wanted
The organization is also looking for volunteers who want to cycle.
You can register here: VolunteerGoJorstrom.NL

Start the meeting
Crowdfunding begins on April 7 at:
Here you can donate online. Thank you so much for your help.
We both look forward to cycling together on the bike!

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