Crowded shops lit up with graffiti: “Den Bosch always comes from the swamp, just like Oetels.”

Fifteen artists on Saturday started to brighten downtown Den Bosch. The wooden panels in which the stores were covered were painted. The Kings of Color group wants artists to support entrepreneurs influenced by their delightful artwork.

“We arranged this in less than 24 hours and now we have around fifteen people to work,” says Jan Hencke van Eberen of Kings of Colors proudly. The looting and demolition of their lover Den Bosch last Monday goes against what they stand for as a collective artist.

“We thought, let’s turn something ugly into something beautiful with color. That’s what we stand for.” He hopes the Kings of Color initiative shows that beautiful things still happen in town.

Several entrepreneurs have signed up to light their wood-paneled windows. Street artists may have artistic freedom, but they make for something that suits Den Bush and the shop they light up.

“At Primera, the shop that everyone in the Netherlands knows now, we will work with what is usually available with a real Oeteldonk frog,” Van Ieperen says with a laugh. Graffiti artists also work for Hinthamerstraat, Vughterstraat and Kolperstraat.

The work attracts a lot of attention and the artists are showered with compliments. At every turn, people stop to take pictures of the artwork in progress. One man decided to order a box of freshly prepared sausage rolls for the artists in appreciation of their work.

Ernst Van Warden from Den Bosch liquor store is also enthusiastic. The front door window at his workplace was demolished and now has a large wooden plank. “These paintings are beautifully decorated, please! Very welcome to paint a beautiful color painting.”

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The businessman says the damage is relatively easy for him and welcomes the positive vibe in town after a terrible Monday evening. “Everyone is very excited. I think it will be fine and let’s look forward.”

The Kinds of Colors pioneer could only agree with that. To help affected entrepreneurs, the artwork will be auctioned off at a later date when the wood panels are no longer needed. Van Ieperen says the proceeds from this auction will return to the shopkeepers.

Shoppers are requested to continue taking photos of the artwork and posting it to Instagram with the hashtag #usingwallstobuildbridges, also noting or “tagging” the affected entrepreneur.

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