Crowdfunding campaign to renovate a consturary room in the Lutheran Church

Consistory room in the Lutheran Church is in need of renovation. Photo: Lutheran Church

The Lutheran Church in Haddingestraat has started a crowdfunding campaign to renovate the Consistory Room in the church building. The work is now beginning to pick up strength.

“The Consistory Room is at the front of the building,” says Betty King of the Lutheran Church. “The space used to be a church council room. Today it is used as a dressing room and office. Nothing has happened to this space for a long time. Recently, thanks to the Kickstart Fund, we have been able to improve the ventilation and cleanliness of this space through, among other things, a window restoration. The old ones with the pink hinges. But the furniture and amenities also need a facelift.”

Tenants are committed.
The target amount was set at 4,400 euros. We have now collected nearly 1,000 euros. It’s going really well. It also surprised us a little.” It is a crowdfunding campaign by Voor De Kunst. This means that if the target amount is not reached within 32 days, the people who donated will get their money back. Of course we hope to reach the target amount. The diverse tenants of our building are committed That too. Members of the Haydn Youth String Orchestra, HJSO, have made available CDs, a ukulele lesson is being offered and there are free tickets for the Luthers Bach group.”

place of culture
The area to be handled is approximately sixteen square meters in size. “If you go into this room now, you’ll see some old chairs. We want to make that look cool again so we can also rent out the space. And that’s important. The Lutheran Church is an important cultural place in the city, and we’re very keen that we continue to be the main music venue in the North.” “.

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More information about the crowdfunding campaign can be found on this page.

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