Curaçao acquired its own baseball team, and now the Netherlands threatens to lose all the superstar players

The separate status of Curacao within the Kingdom of the Netherlands also began to have consequences for the sporting fields. On Sunday, Jos Hiddink, the national coach of the Caribbean island, sat in the stands of Phillips Stadium to see Vitis Ricide Bazur’s player in action. Bazoer isn’t sure what to pick: for Come to Curaçao, or hope for orange?

This choice shows which country has the best chance of succeeding internationally. TDuring the World Cup qualifying matches, Curaçao fought with Antigua and Barbuda. Curaçao has already risen dramatically in the world ranking in the past ten years: from 151st to 76th place, between Panama and Syria.

The island’s largest export

It’s different in baseball. H.The Dutch baseball team is now threatening to lose almost all star players as Curaçao is in the process of forming its own team. This would You instantly belong on top of the world. About three-quarters of the Dutch national team comes from Curaçao, where baseball is the most popular sport. A large number of them belong to the well-paid stars of Major League Baseball in America, such as Diddy Gregory and Kenlee Janssen.

Curaçao has the most MLB players in the world per capita anyway. Last year, the youth choice has already become the world champion. Baseball has the potential to become the island’s biggest export.

Bales for the Netherlands? Maybe. But this development makes the World Summit wider and the tournaments more exciting. The kingdom will soon have two national teams and could throw a party if Curaçao beat the United States.

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