Czech Republic and Holland, but then at home on the couch: “Jeez, you’re so bad”

Vonková is expecting a different game on Friday night than it was two months ago in Groningen. “We will have to play more offensively,” she points out to the standings: the winner of the group goes to the 2023 World Cup, and the second finishes in the play-offs for two tickets. “This will give the Netherlands a little more room. I’m afraid.”

Speaking of fear: who are the Czech players that Orange should be very careful about? “I think …,” Vonkova, who is still in contact with the Czech coach before each international match, begins with enthusiasm. But then: “No, I’m not saying who the Netherlands should pay attention to! Just wait, haha.”

best striker

Vonkova: “Well, I think they know who our best players are in Holland. I think Andrea Staskova is the top striker at the moment, I think. She plays for Juventus. Teresa Zevichkova is back in fitness again after an ankle injury. So I hope so. Good will come.”

They go together on the sofa to see what it will be. “The last time Lucy kept saying, ‘Oh my God, you’re bad, my God, you’re bad,'” Van den Heiligenberg recalls. “I even said: ‘Yes, I know now. I hope it turns around this time. Although the conditions in the Czech Republic are going to be very difficult for the Dutch national team, I think.'”

In any case, Vonková provides a pleasant evening. “I’ve stopped playing football, so I can enjoy a drink in my hand.”

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