D66 Dongen: What does the lack of space on the power grid mean for Dongen?

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On June 9, the city council received an informational letter about the lack of transport in North Brabant. The scarcity of transmission means that the demand for electricity is outstripping the available capacity. So there is a lack of transmission capacity on the power grid. As a result, new stores, schools, and businesses may not be able to connect. The D66 Dongen is concerned and is asking questions to the board about it.

What does this mean for Dungeon?
For example, we asked the board if a plan is being developed to provide insight into the consequences for Dongen and what solutions exist to the problem. The municipal executive indicates that the organization is working on an inventory, and that the city council will be reported once there is more clarity.

What about the new schools?
As we will be building many new schools and homes in Dongen in the coming years, we specifically asked if these developments are at risk. The answers show that housing projects are not affected. However, it is not yet clear whether the schools can be connected. The inventory should make this clear.

Impact on Entrepreneurs
A lack of transportation can have consequences for businesses. A survey of 365 entrepreneurs in Brabant and Limburg (commissioned by VNO-NCW Brabant/Zeeland and Limburg) shows that 74% indicate that the dearth of transportation is causing inconvenience. A quarter of these entrepreneurs experience immediate inconvenience, and the majority (45%) within a year. The biggest obstacle is impeding growth and energy transmission.

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We will be glad to talk with you!
It is difficult to correctly determine the consequences of the scarcity of transportation for entrepreneurs in Dongen. That is why we would like to discuss the problems they are facing with a number of Dongense entrepreneurs. Are you a Dongense entrepreneur and want to talk to us? Please contact us at [email protected]

On behalf of the D66 Dongen faction,

yuri de jong
board member

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