Dagblad010 | The Alexander node turns green

The area around the public transport hub Rotterdam Alexander will change radically. In the future, 7,500 will be added to 14,000 homes, both in the rental and owner-occupied categories. Moreover, also for starters, young couples with and without children, bachelors and the elderly. According to the D66 poster within the coalition, the Alexander Knott for 2040 should become the greenest, healthiest and one of the best accessible central areas in the Netherlands and completely replace the current rocky and inaccessible areas.

More space will be provided for pedestrians, cyclists and shared mobility in particular. There will also be additional bicycle parking facilities and cycle paths: for example, a bicycle link between the area north and south of the A20 motorway. In addition, the Hoofdweg and Alexanderlaan will be easy to cross for cyclists and walkers.

Semiramisten is a sheltered green oasis surrounded by apartments overlooking Stadshart, greenery and water. The houses will be built mainly in Hoofdweg, with shops and other facilities in the immediate area. Koperkwartier south of the A20 is changing from a traditional shopping complex to an area where work and living go hand in hand, with commercial and creative activity.

Alexander Knot is located at one of the lowest populated points in the Netherlands, approximately six meters from the NAP. To be climate resistant, the area must have a large drainage area and green spaces. At least a quarter of the Alexander node will not be booted in the future.

“Our ambition for the Alexander node is to reuse water as much as possible and prevent flooding during heavy rains. We want to do this with the help of green roofs, green indoor gardens, water storage in buildings, rain gardens, facade and sidewalks that allow water to pass through[ ],” says Alderman Zeiger (D66). “We really take sustainability into consideration during the design phase by using roofs, façades and the road network to generate sustainable electricity.”

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In the coming period, the municipality will work to develop a vision for the region step by step, in consultation with all concerned parties.

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