Daily GGD Refuses Payers To Get Booster • Injured at Coronavirus Protest in Brussels

It is actually possible to move forward when getting the booster shot. The ANP news agency determined that at least two people had been vaccinated because they had deliberately stated that the year of birth was incorrect.

Earlier this week, the ANP had already shown that it was technically possible to enter incorrect data when making the appointment, but this has now been confirmed with practical cases. The man who got an extra injection was born in 1967, but entered 1937 at the GGD appointment site. Another man from 1939 occupied the year 1935 of birth at the beginning of the reinforcement campaign, when it was not yet his turn.

The two men were vaccinated without any problems, according to the news agency. In a previous response, GGD GHOR indicated that proof of identity is also required at the vaccination site. According to the National Ports Agency, this did not happen in these two cases.

GGD already said this week that the system is weak. “We are not the police,” the spokesman said. “If you go ahead and commit fraud when filling in, you will be replacing someone who may need this vaccination more than you. There is a vaccine available to everyone, but wait your turn and call.”

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