Daily Mirror: William and Charles’ crisis reunion through Netflix documentary

The Daily Mirror writes that a “crisis meeting” will soon take place between King Charles and his son, Prince William. The reason will be the documentary series about Charles’s son Harry and his wife Megan, which will soon appear on Netflix. The British tabloid relies on proprietary sources.

In the crisis consultations, a decision was already to be made on the response to any accusations against the British royal family, such as accusations of racism. Charles and William wish to form a “united front”. Episodes of the documentary will also be closely watched, so that a quick response can be made.

The Prince and Princess of Wales will fly to the UK as soon as possible for consultations on the crisis. The couple is currently in the US to attend the Earthshot Award Gala, which was held in Boston on Friday night.

Netflix shared the first trailer for the documentary last Thursday, which will appear on the streaming service next week. In it, Harry said he had to “do everything he could” to protect his family. Nobody sees what goes on behind closed doors. In 2020, Harry and Meghan signed a contract with Netflix for multiple projects.

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