Dance Rhythm’ is coming in April 2024

Dance Rhythm will arrive in Flanders in April 2024

Rhythm Dance is coming up in April 2024 with the ’25th Anniversary Tour’ to Ghent, Antwerp and Bruges. Irish dance sensation ‘Dance Rhythm’ will be going on a world tour in 2024 with their ’25th Anniversary Tour’ and will also stop at Capitole Ghent, Stadsschouwburg Antwerp and Concertgebouw Bruges at the end of April 2024. ‘Dance Rhythm’ has been garnering the most fanfare From 14 million spectators around the world, it combines traditional Irish dance and music in an exciting live show, and for many years it has taken audiences on an exciting and stunning journey through the history of Ireland.

25th anniversary tour

Their ’25th Annual Tour’ creates a new era in Irish entertainment, bringing together a wealth of Irish talent, Irish dancers and world champions, some of the best traditional musicians and exceptional singers in a one-of-a-kind spectacle. Order your tickets now for the fantastic “Rhythm of Dance – 25th Anniversary” tour in April 2024 at Capitol Ghent (04/25), Stadschuburg Antwerp (04/27) and Concertgebouw Bruges (04/28), via

Irish traditional dance

Since the creation of Dance Rhythm (the show was initially set for a 3-week run in the US), the show has gone on to tour internationally and receive critical acclaim year after year. Combining traditional Irish dance and music with the latest stage technology, this two-hour extravaganza has been providing audiences with an overall experience that is exciting, lively and unique for years.

Dance Rhythm 2024 (1)

Constant pursuit of perfection

Dance Rhythm continues to evolve thanks to the director/producer, choreographer and composer’s constant pursuit of perfection. More than 14 million people in 52 countries have already enjoyed this impressive spectacle to the fullest, and in 2024 Rhythm Dance will be featured in a new and stunning live show during the “25th Anniversary Tour”.

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Live musicians, singers and dancers

World-class musicians, singers and dancers deliver an unparalleled blend of pulsating rhythms and stunningly fast choreography in an exceptional production. Embark on a breathtaking journey through Ireland’s history, from ancient times rich in myths and legends, to today’s modern and urban Ireland.

Photos: House of Entertainment.

dance rhythm – 25y anniversary tour on April 25, 2024 in Capitol GhentAnd April 27, 2024 in Stadsschouwburg Antwerp And April 28, 2024 in Concertgebouw Bruges.

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