Danik van Loon, Dutch Supersport 125

Drunense Daniek van Loon becomes the Dutch supersport 125 champion at the Pottendijk Circuit in Emmen. I also competed in the Veldhoven (race 6) and the last of the season, race 7 of the Yamaha Cup in Assen. Daniek van Loon reports on all the matches below.

race 6 feldhoven,
Friday 23 September. There was the first free training day. Nice weather and very good times were able to drive, very satisfied and ready for Saturday. Unfortunately the race day is very humid! I didn’t feel good in the rain myself and the goal was to maintain my posture and build confidence, unfortunately many riders got off around me which didn’t help my confidence even though I stayed upright. Omroep Brabant’s “Brabants Buske” came to Veldoven for me today for a report, and what you don’t want is getting caught in front of the camera lens of course. It turned into a wonderful item! 1e racing like 15e started and if 11e Finished on a drying track. 2e Unfortunately, the race got in contact with another rider on a dry track which caused him to veer off the track and stop in the bushes. You’re back on the track and you’re still 15e is over.

The last (7) race for the Yamaha Cup in Assen.
The weather forecast wasn’t really very good, and it was correct for x. Heavy rain here and there, and for us it was here in Assen. Saturday 1 October there was a training session and qualified. And every X when we had to drive it started pouring out 5-10 minutes before that. And very simple, I had a problem with that.

Sunday started with a warm-up and again it rained! I had absolutely no confidence and it didn’t go the way I wanted. Race 1, it’s not raining but it’s still wet. Good start but struggled to blend in with the crowds in the first few corners. Confidence was unfortunately not high on the wet track and I struggled to get into the tempo of the entire race. He finished 16th, and there are no points for this X.

Race 2, it’s dry. I had a good start and I could catch the drivers in front of me on the first lap. But I still fall into the rain again, I have to let them go. Towards the end of the race I feel good again, but in hindsight, the race is over. I finished 15th I’m now finished in the 2022 Yamaha Cup and I’m 17th in the general classification, that’s not quite my goal but unfortunately there was no more this season.

The ultimate Emmen race in Factory Racing, Super sport 125!
The Pottendijk Circuit in Emmen is a whole new circuit for me. On the road it is humid and when you get there the track is also very wet which is not nice when you are racing somewhere for the first time. I was #1 in the championship with 47 points, the most important thing was to finish the races and I’m going to be the 125 super sports champion in 2022. In the end it dries well and I qualify for 4e.
Race 1: It was a great start as I won a place. In a very cool race in which I also continued to improve my time, unfortunately I couldn’t hold my position. if 4e Crossed the finish line. Because I finished this race in points, it was a fact. I am a Dutch Supersport 125 2022!!!!!!

After the finish, my dad would wait for me along the track in the T-shirt I’m wearing over my racing suit and then was allowed to drive an honorary lap, so cool!

Race 2: The lights went out for the last time this season, it was a great start for me and I was third for a long time. I couldn’t keep up with the pace of the rider in front of me and he was almost No. 4 at my rear wheel and I noticed he was trying to overtake. Unfortunately he succeeded, but he drove a great race! Now also 4e.

For now, thanks to everyone who made this possible, without you it wouldn’t have been possible! You can also follow me on Instagram: daniek_van_loon, facebook: Daniek van Loon #34 or my website: www.daniekvanloon.nl

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