Dates B&B owner Martijn is in utter shock after an intimate campfire session | show

After tonight, bed and breakfast owner Martijn can undoubtedly be called the most discussed candidate in RTL viewership. b & with love. Thinking he had feelings for Simone, he then fell in love with Marianne, but now he has his sights set on the 25-year-old Veena.

Under the guise of “that arm is just in the way, so had to wrap it around, unfortunately,” Martin, 31, crawled with a big smile near his last Fenna acquisition during a date in a Jeep safari. It was such a good feeling that he immediately got rid of his feelings for her. ‘I’m speechless about it. Suddenly he opens a book and starts talking about how cute and interesting he thinks I’m here. These are things I’m hoping for, but I notice they’re going really fast’, Vinna concluded somewhat nervously before ‘looking at the reptilian’ .

Meanwhile, Susan, who reported to the B&B as the third woman, was anxiously awaiting the two’s return. Martin looked at it. “There’s also one in the house. Can you still go on a date with Suus? I don’t think so. I’d feel like it.” “Finally a campfire. What’s that show again?” Martyn joked, after which Susan laughed and noticed that she was no temptation island He wanted to see snapshots of his history. ‘I want to talk about it. This is just falling on your rooftop’, then he sounded nervous.

Martin and his history.

Martin and his history. © RTL

Looking at Vena – who sensed the mood was lingering and quickly looked the other way – he suddenly said that he had fallen in love. on us. I didn’t expect this to come, even after one date,” Susan said. Campfire moment.” That’s the best thing. Then everyone joins in for a nice atmosphere, so why not? We celebrate love. And Seuss celebrates it with us.”

Art is terrified now. “I don’t think anyone in the past few years has said such words like that, let alone so quickly. I was shocked by the word infatuation.”

After a love kiss, his parents and brother were called to share the news. Father Ronald, with tears in his eyes, spoke of an “amazing moment.”

Martijn is the second candidate on the dating show who fell in love. Richard, who also owns a bed and breakfast in Portugal, actually fell in love with Simon. In Spain, Denis develops feelings for Dave. Ted in Madeira and Astrid in Austria have two more men on the ground, Hans in France has the pressure to choose, and Hans and Dennis in Italy have the approval of his ex-wife Libra.

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