Daughter-in-law interviews Donald Trump, disallowed on Facebook | Abroad

Since storming the Capitol in January, former President Donald Trump is no longer welcome on Facebook. Attempts to circumvent this ban were also quickly stamped out in the infancy, as it turned out Wednesday. Then Lara Trump, who works for Fox News, shared a screenshot of an email she got from Facebook.

The email stated that the video that Lara Trump posted online – a teaser after an intense interview with her father-in-law – was removed because it is “in line with the blocking of Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.” “The additional content posted in the name of Donald Trump will also be removed and will eventually lead to additional restrictions on these accounts.”

Trump began the interview by criticizing incumbent President Joe Biden and how the media was interacting with Biden. For example, he talked about how Biden stumbled upon the steps of Air Force One and how the media barely reported them. While they did with him when he had to hold onto the stair railing. He also assured that Twitter is getting really boring in the meantime without it.

Lara Trump wrote on Instagram that she is not satisfied with the blockade. Suddenly we got one step closer to George Orwell 1984. Wow … “According to critics, conservative and alternative voices are being specifically blocked by social media, while more extreme content will still be available for viewing.

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