David Coffin (30) Motivated After A Lean Year: “Hope for an Injury Season” | Tennis

David Coffin will celebrate his 31st birthday next week, and his wish is to be without injury for a whole year. The league had to end the season on September 9 due to a knee problem. He won just 14 games last season and was relegated to 39th in the ATP rankings.

“But now things are fine,” he said from Monaco. He spoke to reporters for the first time after a long time there. “I’m been training very hard for two or three weeks now, my knees are not playing. I’m completely up physically, that’s the most important thing.”

“I took the time to take good care of myself and get back strong. It seems to be working. I still have a month to leave for Australia, everything is as planned. If you want to walk everywhere again on the track, that’s a good sign,” he laughed.

“I especially hope to be able to play a full season without injuries. I want to enjoy the track again, I want to play spontaneously. So I want to be strong, I want to achieve results again. Of course the competition was not idle. It was not easy before my injury, it will not be now. , But I believe in my qualities and want to achieve my best again. “

So David Coffin will start in Australia, although the exact schedule has not yet been determined. It has been confirmed that he will play in an exhibition match for the first time in Cannes this month. “I missed the match aspect. It’s good to play some games a few weeks before the season, to see where I already am.”

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Meanwhile, Coffin is training with former topper David Ferrer in Valencia. “We were looking for a place to train. We were immediately welcomed there.” No more talking about cooperation. Jermaine Gigon is Coffin’s coach. “But it’s interesting to get tips from the world’s greatest player. It’s good to know how he views my tennis.”

Coffin seems to have found his tennis joy again. Does the lease resident also care more about the future? “I’m not working hard for my rehab in recent months, I only have 6 months left. I think I still have 4 to 5 years within me. That’s the goal.”

“When you’ve been 20, you’re playing carefree, you had everything. Now I know myself better, and I know what I can do and what I can not do. It helps me. I’m still excited.”

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