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kitesurfing Kieran Badlow He will take the gold medal at Enoshima on Saturday and is almost certain before the medal race. The three-time world champion only has to complete the final race, with the top ten in the standings, without disqualification to succeed Dorian van Risselberg as Olympic champion.

The medal race begins at 08.33 Dutch time, shortly after the women’s medal race Lillian de Goose. As number 5 in the ranking, she no longer had a chance to win a medal.

The Dutch athletics team can win the first medal in the new Olympic segment 4x400m mixed relay. The orange quartet qualified for the final for the second time in a Dutch record. Final match at 2:35 pm.

Vimek Paul

In the morning session, among other things Vimek Paul (400m hurdles), Nadine ViserAnd Zoe Sydney (100m hurdles), Mino Flon (Pole vaulting) and Jorend van Klinken (discus) at work.

For TeamNL, the day starts at 00:30 Dutch time with the mixed team triathlon competition. Rachel Klammer, Marco van der Stel, Maya Kingma and Jurick van Igdom They make up the Orange Band.

Judo team concludes disappointing tournament, with bronze only for Saint Van Dyck, with Mixed countries competition. The Netherlands starts in the eighth final against Uzbekistan.

On the penultimate day of the swimming championship, it was mixed relay team Participate in the 4×100 Substitution Final. boxer Nochka Fountain He will compete with Tamara Thibault of Canada starting at 6.43 am for a place in the semi-finals (-75 kg). the hockey players The last group game against Germany will start at 11.30 am. Both countries have won four previous matches in Tokyo. the handball players He faced Norway after three wins (2.30 pm).

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