Day two of the Olympics: which Dutch will take action? | sports

NS handball players The quest for the Olympic title began with a team match against the host nation Japan. The match begins at 02:00 am Dutch time, thus the start of the second day of the Olympic Games for Dutch athletes.

At 6 am it seems to cyclists The starting signal for the road race, in which the Dutch women were the frontrunners. TeamNL at the start with defending champions Anna van der Bregen, Marian Voss, Animek van Vleuten and Demi Völlering. gymnasts He will attempt to qualify for the Nations Cup, the All-Around Final and the Devices Finals from 08:00. Sanne Wevers is the defender of the crossbar.

In the waters of the Tokyo Aquatics Center, a battle for the first medals. Swimming at 4:45 a.m. Dutch relay team The 4x100m final is free. Arno Kamenga will compete in the semi-finals of the 100m breaststroke. Later in the day, the series will include the 100m backstroke, with Kyra Toussaint and Mike de Ward, among others. Ace at 2.15 pm hockey players On reparations against South Africa. The Dutch national team, led by national coach Max Caldas, started the tournament disappointingly. Belgium proved to be very strong with 3-1.

3×3 basketball players will also play twice, boxer Enrico Lacruz will appear, and beach volleyball duo Keizer/Meppelink will play their first team match. Games also start for boatman Martina Wijmann, fencer Bas Verounen and the Dutch sailing team. Also came the turn of rowers, dressage riders, badminton pairs Taveling/Beck, and tennis players Kiki Bertens and Demi Shores.

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Watch the full TeamNL program on Sunday, July 25 here.

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