De Pijlstaart students draw attention to the lack of space in their school

On Thursday 17 June, students of Group 7 from Primary School De Pijlstaart in Vinkeveen asked the municipality to take special care about the lack of space in their school. They made a video showing how busy she sometimes got in the school building and handed it to Alderman Cees van Uden (Education). With this they playfully emphasize the official request made by the school board to expand the school. Mayor Devindale took the opportunity of the students’ visit to explain how democratic decision-making is and how the municipality works.

The public elementary school De Pijlstaart is too small to teach all the students in their own classroom. Due to space issues, the school has already been expanded once with 4 classrooms in the building of the former kindergarten in Zwanenpark. However, this extension is not sufficient. School Principal Van den Doll: De Bellstart has been suffering from a lack of space for years. We have always found creative solutions together to further education, but now the limit has been reached. Give children and teachers space to teach, learn and play well. Today is an important day for us. Children are allowed to express their views and contribute to the democratic process. It is really nice to see how the students conceived the housing from their own experience. “The school board has asked the municipal executive to expand the school further. The municipal executive wants to be involved in this, and Alderman van Oden is consulting with the parties to see how this can be achieved.

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Pupils draw additional attention to the lack of space

Space shortage is high for students. They wanted to draw the municipality’s attention to this in a playful way. This is why they made a video showing how busy they are in the buildings. On Thursday they brought her to the city council in Miedrecht, accompanied by group teachers and parents. There they were received by Alderman Van Auden and Mayor Devendal. The video was delivered by Isabelle van Ginniken and Mika Stam from Group 7.

Alderman Van Uden promised the students that he would do everything in his power to give the school a few extra rooms in the next school year while at the same time looking for a more specific solution. It is, among other things, in consultation with the school board.

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