De Sprong Primary School in Waardamme opens multi-purpose space and association sports hall –

During the town hall in Oostkamp on Thursday February 25th, a collaboration between the municipality and the Karel de Goede VZW school group was approved, of which De Sprong Primary School in Waardamme is a part. The agreement is for about 18 years and the municipality of Oostkamp pays an annual contribution of € 10,000.

The municipality will be permitted to use the infrastructure of De Sprong Elementary © GST

The municipality will be permitted to use the infrastructure of De Sprong Elementary © GST

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With this, the municipality of Oostkamp is partnering with the Karel de Goede school group to use the infrastructure of the Vrije Basisschool De Sprong in Waardamme. In light of the comprehensive planned renovations for that school, a few years ago the municipality received an offer to take advantage of the infrastructure, including a multi-purpose space, sports infrastructure and a dining hall. With the aim of providing additional space for municipal services and local associations. For shelter and associations the municipality will play a guiding role in providing extracurricular activities. To this end, it focuses on nurturing nurseries and promoting the multifunctional and efficient use of infrastructure. In this way, government resources are used in the most efficient way possible. The infrastructure is used as a care accommodation for children outside the Ferm school and for two associations: the theater association Weir Farroujd Wardami and Koninklicky Harmony Dioghed Bar Fröjd. Until recently, the latter was located on the top floor of the classrooms on Kortrijksestraat. In the coming months, the municipality will consult with both associations to finalize the substantive agreements. Other associations will also be able to use the rooms via the municipal reservation system. (Goods and services tax)

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