De Vries on getting over work: ‘Luckily it gave me space’

Nyck de Vries sees room for improvement after the second Grand Prix of the season, but also recognizes the upward trend he has started. After being mainly found in the last positions at the start of the race, De Vries managed to work his way up through the race. Gives de fries in conversation with across play And Sky Sports He showed he struggled on the restart, but was satisfied with the race pace.

Although things went better for de Vries in Saudi Arabia than they did during the season-opening race, the Dutchman still sees plenty of room for improvement: “I should have attacked more at the start, I thought I couldn’t attack enough.” , 28 years old. The speed wasn’t bad, but I couldn’t make up my mind. I needed a lot of time to get into my rhythm at the start and restart, I lost a lot of momentum there. Then I got stuck in traffic, got a lot stuck in the dirty air and then it became very difficult to get over it. royal Heating It wasn’t good enough either, leaving me behind.

Outdoors, the Dutchman was content with his pace, but it turned out to be difficult to overtake: ‘When I tried to close the gap to Zhou, a step Good, but I hit a wall. I finished the race again. In the end, it turned out to be very difficult to overtake the Chinese, but de Vries had been able to rein in Williams’ Logan Sargeant earlier: ‘The top speed of the Williams is six kilometers per hour faster than us. Then you have to rejoice deeply, but fortunately he gave me space.

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In general, the 28-year-old Frisian looks positively at the second Grand Prix of the season: it was a step up compared to Bahrain. I take that with me, but we definitely have to get better. I keep taking small steps all the time. I thought everything was just a step better than Bahrain. I thought I was too Racing speed It was better than in Bahrain, but I can no longer attack. It’s the second game of the season, it was very hot. I am looking forward to Melbourne.

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