De Wolden Economic Business Plan 2023-2027

Working with entrepreneurs and regional partners wolden To a healthy business climate and future. This is why entrepreneurs, stakeholders and residents participate in the development of the new economic action plan. This resulted in five strategic pillars: Entrepreneurial Services, Space for Entrepreneurship, Strong and Innovative Business, Sustainable Entrepreneurship and a Strong Network. Alderman Jerry Hempin: “The Economic Business Plan was approached the Woldensee way. We really made it together. A large part of our local economy is supported by the daily commitment that entrepreneurs make to making their businesses grow and prosper. This is why entrepreneurs have a role. Leading in this action plan.

De Wolden’s future vision

The Economic Action Plan is an executive program for the future vision 2022-2040 under the slogan “Together”. The vision for the future contains the most important values ​​in the municipality of De Wolden, what should you develop, and what should you cherish? Where do we all want to “grow”? In the Economic Action Plan, those ambitions are translated into the final actions to be taken. Below is a selection of actions and ambitions.

Entrepreneurship Services

The need in services has been met with entrepreneurs and employees. This resulted in the following action. De Wolden makes the procedures for handling entrepreneurial initiatives more transparent, so that entrepreneurs know what to expect in terms of what information will be provided, the duration of treatment, who should be involved and who is responsible in the process.

Entrepreneurship space

Providing more space for leisure entrepreneurs in the field of bed and breakfast, small camps and mobile homes. But it also provides space for agricultural entrepreneurs who want to become more sustainable.

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Strong and innovative business community

Revitalizing the vibrant shopping malls in the village centers is one of the action points that fall under the strong and innovative business pillar. But also identifying the needs of beginners and freelancers. De Wolden has an exceptionally large group of freelancers and we would like to know if and where they need support.

sustainable business

De Wolden wants to support future-oriented projects for agricultural entrepreneurs through the “Future-Oriented Agriculture” transition fund. We also want to inspire and encourage entrepreneurs to make their buildings more sustainable and generate sustainable energy (sun on the roof).

strong network

In the coming period, the municipality will continue to focus on enhancing the role and position of the entrepreneurship platform. Naturally, the power of the business contact is also used. But we will also continue to use the District Cooperative to create innovative projects with our agricultural entrepreneurs.

The Economic Action Plan is not an end result, but a call for cooperation and investment in De Walden’s economic development. ‘together!’ To embody ambitions and achieve them in the coming years. But current times require that we act quickly if necessary. We have to keep this space.

The full Economic Action Plan is available for inspection through October 12. You can find it at

Feedback can be sent via email to PO Box 20, 7920 AA in Zuidwolde. You can make an appointment to give an oral opinion. Please contact Janna Huis, Economic Affairs Team: 14 0528.

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